bitchiest bitch
Anonymous : how can i be a bad bitch like you?!

you can’t no one can be a bad bitch like me soz

Anonymous : Are u a girl?



when your friend says something really kinky


once someone unfollowed me for “being a hater”

this happened in 2014

Anonymous : Haha nice iv made out

:) I’ve done more than that…

Anon Hour


when you flawlessly rap that verse


Anonymous : Nice nice, how far have you gone with a guy

once this guy got on the bus at the same time as me and we both got off at the last stop, I’d say that’s pretty far


white mom: quit roughhousing!

white son: fuck u mom

white mom: oh heavens! thomas are you going to let your son talk to his mother like that?

white dad: go to your room billy right this minute!

white son: fuck u both *goes to room and jacks off and smokes weed out of mountain dew can*